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Photography has been a part of my life for over 25 years. Wow, when I say that it is hard to believe. I remember one of my first photos I took was of my Grand Father working in the farm yard. He and the farm are long gone but I still have that image on my wall today.  My first real camera was given to me by my parents for a trip to California when I was in elementary school. I spent hours trying to take photos of the sharks in Sea World. I found out later I kept getting the flash in the image.  This is where I first learned that to make a good photo you had to do more than just point the camera and shoot. Determined to find the answer I started to learn more about how cameras worked. I do credit photography as one of the things that helped me get through high school. I was an average student but in the dark room I could create magic. This is where my love of photography and the arts took off.
I continued my learning through studies at the University of Saskatchewan where I received an Education Degree with an Arts Major as well as a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in Studio Arts including photography. To this day I am still learning and growing as an artist by attending conferences and participating in workshops.

For over ten years I was a school teacher where I was able to teach photography as a club and a course. I started the path of becoming a professional photographer by producing fine art prints for sale and gallery showings and quickly moved to the art of people photography. Now that photography has become my full time profession I can say, I love my job. Meeting new people and having the opportunity to create fine art for them, on a daily basis is just exciting.
Part of my inspiration is my loving and understanding family, Caroline and Tyler. Being a full time photographer would not have been possible without them. It is not just the hours during an event, including very few free summer weekends, but it normally takes at least two hours of editing for each hour of an event. Thanks Caroline and Tyler.

By the way the solution of the flash in the aquarium chalange was to change the angle of the camera. Shoot from an angle so the flash bounces off the glass the other way (the Physics of Photography.)

I am Jon Gillies.


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